Zacuto Hand-held kit


Daily Rate: £35 Weekly Rate: £140

Zacuto hand-held rig. Includes mounts, snap plates, a selection of bars and grips, supports and arms.

Zacuto Camera Mounting Plate
2 x 12" 15mm bars
2 x 7" 15mm bars with Shoulder Pad
Z Riser
2 x Zacuto 15mm hand grips
Zacoto hand grip support
Flathead screwdriver
T-bar Allen Key
3/8" screw (in bag)
Manfrotto Snap Plate
1/4" Screw
1/4" Thread Adapter
2 x 3.5" Bars 15mm
2 x 7" Bars 15mm
2 x 12" Bars 15mm
Manfrotto Ball Joint
DV Mount
Zamerican V3 (arm)
Zicro Mount c/w Screw
Zacuto Y Support
3 x Zacuto Right Angle 15mm joint
Zgrip Zandy Grip 4.5"
2 x Zoupler Male
Contents Sheet


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