Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 High Speed


High-speed PL mounted CMOS super 35mm 2k camera with the ability to shoot up to 120 fps. The sensor is native 4:3 and great for anamorphic lenses but cropped 16:9 is also an option. The Arri Alexa Plus uses high-end technology with a streamlined mainstream workflow. You can shoot high end 1080p video at 50p onto SxS Cards with the camera and have it encoded in Final Cut Pro native codecs (Apple's ProRes 4:2:2 and ProRes 4:4:4) to allow editing as you shoot without conversion.

Camera supplied with :

5 x 64GB PRO SxS cards - twice the data rate of 32GB cards, 
6 x V-lock batteries
3 x floor batteries and chargers
Low-mode support bracket
Arri shoulder pad




High Speed Arri Alexa plus 4:3
EVF-1 Viewfinder
Side Camera Handle
19mm Bridge Plate
SD Card
Centre Camera Handle
Viewfinder Extension Bracket
Bridge Plate Adapter
Sony Wedge Adaptor
Handle Extension Block
Leveling Block
Low Mode Support Set
Arri Dovetail Base Plate
25 cm Viewfinder Cable
5 X 150mm Allen Key
Shoulder Pad
3mm X 75mm Allen Key
Facom T Flathead T Screwdriver
50 cm Viewfinder Cable
Ethernet Cable
12V Accessory Cable
19mm x 240mm Bars
19mm x 440mm Bars
15mm x 10" Male - Female
15mm x 7" Male - Female
Right Angle BAT 2m Power Cable
Straight BAT 2m Power Cable
5 x 64GB Pro SXS Card with Case
Sony SXS Card Reader & SXS Card Reader AC Adaptor
Ronford Moose Bars and Grips
V-lock Battery kit

Arri's official download page including a handy pocket guide and more in-depth manual.

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