Dedo Tecpro 1x1 Lite Panel


Daily Rate: £45  Weekly Rate: £180

5600K Spot Daylight (Dimmable, AC/ NP-F battery powered)
Versatile, light-weight low-power consumption led light unit powered by dv batteries or v-locks.
Fully dimmable. Magnetic front screen for CTO gels and diffusion.

LED 1x1 Lite Panel
Detachable Dimmer Unit
DV-CL Charger
Fig.8 Cable
Small Black Zipper Bag
4 x DV batteries
AC Adapter
IEC Power cable
4pin D-Tap to 4pin D-Tap
13 Amp Breaker
Calumet stand
Plastic Diffusion
Lite Panel black carry  bag INC:
CTO full
CTO half
1 CTO 1/4
1 CTO 1/8
1 Diff gel full stop
1 Diff gel half stop

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